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12 Point Transmission Dipstick - 6 Speed Trans

12 Point Transmission Dipstick - 6 Speed Trans

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These are made to replace the basic allen cap and require minimal mechanical knowledge to install. Of course the machining is top notch and are made from 6061. Matching engine oil dipstick caps are available here. Tool shown is not included but can be obtained by purchasing our matching seat bolt here which includes one with each seat bolt, although it is not required as this dipstick has a 1/2" 12 point wrenching head. These fit both twin cam & m8 six speed trans platforms as well as most aftermarket OEM configured 6 & 7 speeds. Raw pre-orders are expected to ship 6/19/23 with black & gold expected to ship 6/23/23.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Roger Edge
12 pt gas cap?

How about a 12pt gas cap to match?

Todd Armistead
12 Point Transmission Dipstick is Perfection

I love the 12 Point Transmission Dipstick. It fits perfectly and looks fantastic !

Jerome Orbe

Amazing product…craftsmanship is amazing. Thank you

Jamie Metzger
Excellent quality

This dipstick is miles better then the stock plastic one. Would definitely recommend.

Michael DeBenedetti
clean and nice look

The dipstick and oil cap both look great. I did notice the oil fill marking is slightly higher than the stock dipstick level. Does not effect a thing. Happy with it.