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Harley Davidson "BULLETPROOF" Style Sprocket

Harley Davidson "BULLETPROOF" Style Sprocket

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When it comes to Harley sprockets, This one is the one to get, Not only does it look badass, but it comes in 2 different finishes, chrome and black zinc. This sprocket is made from a proprietary steel that has never been brought to Harley sprockets or even the Harley industry until now. This bad ass sprocket includes a no-bullshit 5 year warranty. Meaning, no matter how many miles, 5 years from now, if you wear it out (Good luck with that) we replace it, you forgot how to use Loctite? I doubt we will need to replace it, but hit us up if you manage to somehow destroy it.  What "Proprietary" material is this sprocket made out of you ask? You know that steel your impact sockets are made of? you know the ones your great grandfather left you from 90+ years ago that still haven't broke, cracked or gotten blown out, yea its the same steel, except its on steroids. We do not warranty against rust or surface finish coatings or damage to other parts of your bike when you let the eagles scream and snap your sprocket bolts, that's just a Harley thing we have no control over.  We also offer spacers for your bike that are depth cut, press fit and matched to this sprocket. This is a flat sprocket with no dish, to be used with a 530 chain. Oh and by the way, this was made in America, using American made machines. So was the steel…

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