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Hub Guard / Sprocket Locker For ARP 12 Point

Hub Guard / Sprocket Locker For ARP 12 Point

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Our hub guard uses 1/2" wrenching ARP 12 point hardware only, which is available in our store but are additional, Our hub guard consists of a bottom plate, a top plate and 5 12 point ARP bolts to secure the top plate to the bottom, these fit all sprockets on the market and pulleys as well. The bottom plate will only come anodized black and the top plate is available in your choice of color option. Our plate were designed as a void was found in the market. Common sprocket lockers use a similar design but require you to over torque your bolts by up to 59 degrees of clockwise rotation and only have 6 points of contact and allow the bolt heads to back off. Our "worst case" scenario is turning 29 degrees and ours utilizes 12 points of contact and its not possible for the bolt heads to back out of the locking plate. Our hub guard also has indicator dots built into the plate to aid with lining your bolts up during install, which furthermore reduces the chance of over torqueing your threads. The sprocket bolt option is for the required length to correctly set these up. Sprocket bolts will be sent to match top plate hardware color choice.
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Lee Rister

Hub Guard / Sprocket Locker For ARP 12 Point

John Gaines
Good people

Great customer service.

Hub guard sprocket locker

Not only did the hub guard sprocket locker manage to class up my old bike and protect my wheel it was dyno tested and added 25 ft lbs of torque! Also shipped in less than a week!

HD Tech - Disabled Combat Veteran
HaleSpeed Rocks!!!

HaleSpeed’s Rear Sprocket Hub Lock for 12-point ARP hardware is the best on the market! Once you install this onto your rear wheel, your 12-pt ARP bolts will NEVER and I mean NEVER back out of your rear sprocket or pulley again. Engraved on the bottom plate are guide marks that align each 12-pt fastener for a precise and very tight fit. HaleSpeed’s 12-pt ARP hardware are way stronger and have a greater torque pull than OEM Grade 8 hex fasteners that round off over time. JUST CAN’T BEAT THEM!!!
- Deadfinger Kelly (HD Tech, Disabled Combat Veteran)

Rah Cisco
Sprocket/ Hub Guard

Another awesome product from HaleSpeed. I have purchased numerous parts and the quality is always top notch.