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RK GXW 530 Chain 130 Link

RK GXW 530 Chain 130 Link

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This is the only chain we sell here at HALE⚡PEED, these have been tested by some of the most shredding dudes in northern California and is the only chain we trust. These are not the low end chains. The photo is the correct chain that doesn't snap or wear out every 4 months.


RK’s GXW series motorcycle chains are premium quality XW-sealed chains. XW-Ring chains offer the best high-speed, extreme heat performance and are designed for a variety of environments from the street to off-road. GXW’s XW-seals feature two lubrications pools which help protect against high speed abrasion and prevent dirt and debris from penetrating the inner rollers/bushings of the chain. With RK’s triple barrier protection, GXW lasts 10 times longer when compared to standard chains. GXW’s features create a perfect balance between high tensile strength, lightweight and maximizing long wear life so that GXW can handle anything you dish out.

Tensile Strength: 9,900 lbs
Max Horsepower: 205HP
Master Link Included: Rivet type

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